TOP 3 AIRDROPS – Mittwoch/Wednesday 15.08.2018

Meine 3 TOP Airdrops f√ľr heute – My 3 TOP Airdrops for today:

7-new-instant-airdrops (7).jpeg


A revolution in the energy efficiency market
Efforce¬ģ is the first platform that allows contributors to profit from the energy savings generated by energy efficiency projects worldwide.

  • Register an account on Efforce Website
  • Join Telegram [important]
  • Follow Twitter
  • Submit your details and earn upto 8000 points

The points will be exchange to EFE tokens later
Earn more by inviting your friends


Claim your points here


XMax is a blockchain and developer ecosystem for building decentralized games and entertainment DAPPs. Their blockchain supports game developers with a high TPS mainchain and integrated sidechains for transaction-intensive DAPPs.

XMax is airdropping a total of 150000000 XMX tokens to their community members. Visit their airdrop page and register, complete easy daily tasks and submit your details to the airdrop page to receive free points. Also invite your friends to earn more points.
XMax is already listed on CoinMarketCap.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  • Visit the XMax airdrop page.
  • Sign up with your email address.
  • Connect your Telegram and Twitter account to your dashboard.
  • Complete easy daily tasks to earn free points.
  • Submit your details to the airdrop page.
  • Complete additional tasks to earn extra points.
    Also invite your friends to earn more points.


Claim your tokens here


10 BFC ($28) – 4.3 / 5 (100% Real)
Only 20,000 participants
The #1 decentralized freelancers Marketplace, that aims to bring transparency in the labor market using the blockchain technology.

  1. signup for an account first¬†– use „followmikecee“ as Ref. code
  2. Join their Telegram community
  3. Like them on FaceBook and share their profile page
  4. Follow and share their page on Twitter and
    You will earn another 5 BFC for every referral


Claim your tokens here

Hier gehts zu weiteren Airdrops:

Hasta luego.
mikeCee aka Captain Mike Sparrow the steemian of the caribbean


Bitpanda – Bitcoin kaufen und verkaufen – kinderleicht

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