Trybe (EOS airdrop)

Trybe (EOS airdrop) – 100 Token for free – TOP Rated!!!

Trybe airdrop will take place on the 11th of September 2018.

We will be airdropping tokens to everyone who has an account on the TRYBE website AND registers their EOS account name with us.


Trybe is a tokenized knowledge sharing network for the crypto and blockchain community. Teach, learn, or network on anything to do with cryptocurrencies, blockchain development, ICO’s, entrepreneurship, or marketing, and get paid for your contribution.

Our token will be built on EOS ‚Äď and we‚Äôll be holding an airdrop around August this year.

Initially we will be focussing on education and training about EOS ‚Äď creating a knowledge base for anything and everything EOS related.


About Airdrop

An airdrop of 50,000,000 tokens will be distributed a few months after EOS mainnet launch (around August 2018). The tokens will be divided evenly amongst all EOS holders from the original June 2 snapshot.

If people would like more tokens ‚Äď they can set up an account on our platform ( and contribute great content on anything to do with EOS, cryptocurrencies, blockchain development, entrepreneurship, ICOs, marketing, technology, the future, etc. All contributors will be rewarded with tokens.

Our platform is currently in beta but you can start earning tokens right away that will be able to be converted to our EOS based tokens once the mainnet is live and our token is ready (around August).

A total of 250,000,000 tokens will be put aside for early adopters and contributors to the platform.




The airdrop will work like this:

  • For every token you have in your TRYBE account on our website, you will get the same amount of tokens airdropped to your EOS account.


  • This means that you will DOUBLE the amount of tokens that you have (because you will also keep the tokens in your TRYBE account)


  • So‚Ķ START earning as many tokens as possible RIGHT NOW



Learn more about how to earn tokens on Trybe HERE

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