BCoin – Hot Airdrop


BCoin.sg is an trading exchange and OTC platform in Asia. Based in Singapore, they provide specialised, reliable and secure trading services in bitcoins and alternative cryptocurrencies.

BCoin is airdropping 18 BCT tokens to their community members. Follow them on all required social platforms and log in with your social details to the airdrop page to receive the tokens. Also get 2 BCT for every referral.

Bcoin.pngStep-by-Step Guide:

Visit the BCoin airdrop page

  • Create an account at¬†BCoin Exchange.
  • Submit your email address to the airdrop page. (use the same address you used to sign up on the exchange)
  • Join their Telegram group and Telegram channel from the airdrop page. (+4 BCT)
  • Follow them on Twitter and retweet the mentioned tweet. (+2 BCT)
  • Subscribe to their Youtube channel and like the mentioned video. (+2 BCT)
  • Subscribe to their Reddit page and upvote the pinned post. (+2 BCT)
  • Follow them on Medium and clap an article. (+2 BCT)
  • Like their Facebook page and share the mentioned post. (+2 BCT)
  • Follow them on Instagram and like the mentioned post. (+2 BCT)
  • Follow them on LinkedIn and like, share the mentioned post. (+2 BCT)
  • You will get 18 BCT tokens to your Bcoin exchange account linked to your email address.

Also get 2 BCT for every referral who completes at least one task.


Hier gehts zu weiteren Airdrops/Claim another airdrop tokens here:

Hasta luego.
mikeCee aka Captain Mike Sparrow the steemian of the caribbean


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