IUNO is a banking ecosystem based on asset-backed tokens issued on a blockchain. This ecosystem includes payment gateways for ecommerce providers and banking services1 for participants. The tokens will be backed 100% by their respective Fiat currency counterparts to ensure value stability and predictably as a main driver for adoption in a wide range of... Weiterlesen →

SVPER – Airdrop

SVPER - Airdrop - worth ~$45   SVPER recreates the process of meeting new people in real life more accurately than ever before and rewards its members through a tokenized economy. SVPER is set to fight offline loneliness and social isolation by bringing the online dating and friends-seeking experience closer to reality. SVPER is airdropping... Weiterlesen →

SPIN Protocol – TOP AIRDROP 08.09.2018

SPIN Protocol SPIN Protocol is a transparent, highly-efficient decentralized commerce engine. They empower suppliers to reach target influencers directly to sell their products worldwide. SPIN Protocol is airdropping 110 SPIN tokens to their community members. Chat with their Telegram bot, complete easy tasks and submit your details to the bot to receive 110 SPIN tokens.... Weiterlesen →

AENCO – My Top Daily Airdrop 07.09.2018 – worth about $20

Aenco Aenco is a blockchain based healthcare technology financial solutions platform that leverages healthcare technologies with institutional financing, prime brokerage and smart capital solutions under one umbrella. Aenco is airdropping 200 AEN / worth about $20 to users who sign up at their platform and complete KYC. Create an account at Aenco and verify your... Weiterlesen →

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