AORA Airdrop

AORA Platform is a global buying concierge platform that enables consumers anywhere in the world to purchase products with cryptocurrencies, from any online store and marketplace in the US and China. They connect you to thousands of global merchants and millions of real world products available in the US & China, helping you save time... Weiterlesen →

NON ZERO – Revolution Airdrop-Bounty

NON ZERO - Revolution Airdrop-Bounty NON-ZERO is a revolution of the broker-client relationship in the CFD trading industry. They allow brokers to redistribute warehousing net revenues back to their loss-making clients, rebalancing the relationship and building a community ecosystem. NonZero is airdropping 140 NZO tokens to their community members. Visit their airdrop page, complete easy... Weiterlesen →

DYLYVER – Montag/Monday TOP AIRDROP – 27.08.2018

DYLYVER - Montag/Monday TOP AIRDROP - 27.08.2018 DYLYVER 250 DYC ($25) Only 10,000 participants Dylyver is a technology corporation that is determined to develop innovative transportation and logistics solutions by utilizing the benefits of the contemporary cutting-edge mobile technologies. Great looking project, worth to join. Claim your free tokens here Create an account on the... Weiterlesen →

Harambee – My daily TOP Airdrop – 22.08.2018

My daily TOP Airdrop for today: Harambee AirDrop Estimated Value: ~$70 Leveraging on the blockchain technology, Land LayBy is building a trusted shared distributed ledger for recording land buying and selling transactions that can never be altered, corrupted, forged or replicated in error. Land buyers all over the world face land acquisition challenges from the... Weiterlesen →

Was sind die vielversprechendsten Coins 2018?

Die vielversprechendsten Coins im kommenden Jahr ... Da hätte man gerne die vielzitierte Kristallkugel, die einem die Zukunft vorhersagen kann! Dr. Julian Hosp ist ein weltweit anerkannter Experte für Krypto-Währungen.  Er erklärt, welches seiner Meinung nach die Coins sind, die 2018 eine schöne Rendite bei vergleichsweise geringem Risiko versprechen. "Ich bin jetzt seit einigen Jahren... Weiterlesen →

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